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my_oh_my's Journal

freedom and jelly
30 January
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a house of cards;

a foundation of stone.
12 monkeys, a clockwork orange, afi, alan rickman, amélie, architecture, aristotle, baths, better than chocolate, bike repair, bike theory, bikes, biking, blackspot sneakers, boys wearing makeup, bright eyes, buttons, canada, chewy things, clea duvall, coffee shops, comfort, communes, concerts, contentment, cosmology, creative outbursts, daniel pinkwater, dark eyes, dashboard confessional, ddr, debates, detox, donnie darko, doorsteps, dorks, edward norton, enjoyment, faeries, fasting, feeling transcendent, finding things, flamingly gay men, foliage, francesca lia block, freeganism, french movies, frolicking, funny street names, ganj, geeks, george carlin, get-to-know-you conversations, getting excited, getting lost, girl interrupted, glbtq issues, good grammar, hands, happy crying, harmony, harry potter, hedwig, hiding, hiking, history, hummus, insomniacs, irony, janes, jared leto, juice, kevin smith, kung fu, lava lamps, libraries, literature, living succinctly, long conversations, making people wonder, mallrats, marijuana research, mark doty, mix tapes, moby, monty python, nature, nerds, nutrition, overthrowing the government, papers, passion, peircings, penn & teller, people watching, philosophy, pictures, pink floyd, places that speak, plato, pleasant surprises, poetry, politics, prints, queer as folk, radical intimacy, rain, real revolution, requiem for a dream, rhythm, riding public transportation, ruffling hair, shakespeare, shaved heads, smack, smells, smoking weed, snow, sounds, sponges, stars, sublime, suburbia, the beatles, the innocence mission, the meaning of life, the new radicals, the news, the truth, the used, tranquility, trees, undermining authority, unlinked interests, unschooling, untouched nature, veganism, vehement protesters, walking, words