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(no subject)

- The site of the detonation of the first atomic bomb, White Sands Missile Range.

It says a lot of things. I may have taken a picture off the internet and put it on my Livejournal, but I never said it nor I were original. More often than not, I do feel wrecked and ravaged, such as a desert decimated by something as powerful as the atomic bomb, and from nothing more than my brain thinking its thoughts. This ground would appear to be destroyed and lifeless, as I often perceive myself, despite being married and raising an incredible child who is now one year old. The radiation is trapped in the earth, as I feel my latent creativity is trapped in me. This could go on and on. I'm dramatic, tend to update when I feel things spiraling out of control, it could be argued that I've been diagnosed with bi-polar II and am batshit insane, but I do love love love everything, when I'm not all angry and sad and stuff. When I do write, I say it all, so if you want to know more about me, comment to be added! (My journal is seven years old, but recently friends only, thus, I ramble on the banner post 'cause I don't know what to say... *laughs nervously and ducks out before this gets any worse*)

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Woah. I was wondering why all I got was a blank page the past few weeks. I like the new look :)

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